About Us


We’re here to facilitate physician well-being while helping to develop their leadership capacity.

Whol exists to help physicians remember:
their calling, their humanness and their connection to themselves, to each other and to the world.

Whol Professional Development will compassionately facilitate physician well-being while helping to develop their leadership capacity. We will help physicians to thrive by equipping them with the skills and abilities to drive change within themselves and the systems in which they find themselves working and living.

Whol believes that the capacity to achieve well-being and leadership already exists within every physician and as a result within their organizations. Whol understands that well-being and leadership are interconnected and cannot be separated.


Wellman Costa, MD


Cass, PhD


Melillo, MD

The  whol logo  Story

Life experiences and aging create situations for self reflection as well as opportunities for caring for and about yourself. Challenges can cause a time of despair, or alternatively a possibility of self exploration and growth. The work is time consuming and ongoing, but it can be fruitful. When I found myself at a junction between living a life that I was not actively engaged in versus a life in which I experienced a sense of self, relevance, and connection with the world and people around me, I chose the latter. I began a meditation practice which allowed me to learn about myself and helped to identify my wants and needs. I also challenged myself to seek out and accept opportunities for learning, self growth and relationship building in new and unconventional ways.


After several years, I came to realize that I was cultivating a unique skill set which would enable me to offer impactful services to physicians, health care workers and the systems in which they work. After completion of training I was beginning to employ The Art of Hosting Conversations That Matter, Transformative Scenario Process, and Theory U principals during retreats for organizations and groups, and was facilitating personal awareness and growth in individuals through coaching. I was also recognizing in my own practice and hospital that ever-growing demands on physicians were continuing to escalate, making their lives and careers increasingly challenging. Even the most resilient physicians were getting frustrated with the practice of medicine and were struggling. I had a longing to help my physician peers and colleagues attain wellness and fulfillment in all aspects of their lives and wanted to rekindle the spark that prompted all of us to seek careers in medicine. I decided to create WHOL, not knowing what it would lead to, but confident that I could be impactful in some way.


A few months later I was approached by my partner and friend, Jason Melillo who recognized that through our work in leadership roles at OhioHealth, we both possessed leadership and communication abilities that complimented each other. He excelled at understanding organizations and having long term vision and strategy. I was skillful with interpersonal relationships, communication, and prototyping of ideas. We both really cared about physicians and health systems. It seemed natural that we would collaborate in some way, and the ideas started to roll.


We then approached our mentor and friend, Phil Cass. Phil had deeply impacted both of us through coaching, teaching, and the leadership academy he developed. We felt he would not only help us solidify what we hoped to accomplish, but could also contribute his decades of vast experience for our clients. Phil was certainly not looking to be involved in a new company at this stage of his career, but he sensed that he was strongly drawn to what we were creating. The three of us took time to thoughtfully identify our purpose and mission. As we identified the things that we individually do well, we came to the understanding that collectively, we could affect individuals and groups in a far more meaningful way than we could working on our own. At the basis of our relationship is a profound respect for one another and our individual uniqueness that makes us each our own self.


Through WHOL, we hope to positively impact the whole individual as well as the environments in which they live and work. By helping to nurture a sense of self and purpose, as well as cultivate skill sets for mindfulness, effective communication and system change, we strive to help each client to feel whole, relevant, and fulfilled.

Start being the best you.